Welcome to Op Medusa

Who we are

What we do

photo of two Kiowa Helicopters flying over the rugged terrain of Afghanistan

Our goal

Donations made to Not for Profit organizations

Can Praxis

Thanks to our generous supporters we were able to raise $810.00 for Can Praxis. A Not for Profit that supports soldiers, vets and first responders with Equine-assisted therapy.

True Patriot Love

We were able to raise $600 for True Patriot Love and specifically the Captain Nichola Goddard Fund. A fund that supports military women and vets in the unique challenges they face with military life.

The Next One

Fundraisers are ongoing and evolving. Make sure to subscribe to our email list so you wont miss out. If you have a suggestion for a Not for Profit that we should do a fundraiser for send us an email.

This is just the beginning

This is the start of something big.  More gear will be added and more fundraising campaigns will be done to raise money for our heroes and to help make change.

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